CCTV Inspections

I used colour CCTV equipment specifically designed for inspecting chimneys and flues.

There are many reasons why you might need CCTV inspection of 

   your chimney or flue including:

  • Annual service checks on the flues condition and function.

  • Identify the flues dimensions and confirm the most appropriate lining method.

  • Vital checks before bringing an old flue back into use.

  • Inspect blocked or restricted flues caused by bird's nests, debris, restricted bends or objects breaching flue

  • Identify areas where CO (Carbon Monoxide) could escape or leak.

  • Locate blockages caused by birds, loose bricks or sometimes construction errors.

  • Structure survey after having a chimney fire.

  • Check the overall structure before using the fire or wood burner before use (Landlord, rented, homebuyers and new build surveys).

  • Landlords before renting out properties.

  • Party Wall surveys

  • Check poorly-functioning chimneys following major renovation by the property owner or neighbour.

  • Safety survey for Thatched, Listed and Period properties. Survey before any lining works are undertaken (recommended).

CCTV surveys from £100 including full sweep.