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Bird Nest Removal

Think you may have nesting birds?

Check for activity around the chimney opening or debris coming down the chimney. You may also find your chimney becomes silent due to a blockage to the outside.

Birds can cause huge problems if they choose your chimney to nest in, the most dangerous one being the complete blockage of your chimney which may prevent toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide from escaping or cause a chimney fire. Birds can also unintentionally enter the chimney and become trapped causing death for the bird and then nasty odours and maggots/flies as they decompose. It is unlawful to remove an active nest and checks will be made before any removal. Please be aware that nest removal can be a very messy and long job depending on the size and location of the nest. We will always endeavour to keep both to a minimum and may also need to carry out a CCTV inspection before removal. This will be discussed with you on the visit.