Cowls and Bird Guards

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Bird Cage and Rain Guards

Think you may have nesting birds?

Check for activity around the chimney opening or debris coming down the chimney. You may also find your chimney becomes silent due to a blockage to the outside.

Birds can cause huge problems if they choose your chimney to nest in, the most dangerous one being the complete blockage of your chimney which may prevent toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide from escaping or cause a chimney fire. Birds can also unintentionally enter the chimney and become trapped causing death for the bird and then nasty odours and maggots/flies as they decompose. It is unlawful to remove an active nest and checks will be made before any removal.      



Downdraughts are most commonly caused by wind blowing back down your chimney after passing over trees, neighbouring roofs or obstacles, particularly from the North. Excessive downdraughts can prevent smoke and toxic gasses escaping. You may notice that your fire is difficult to light or indeed keep alight or smoke coming back into your stove or room. Rain entry can cause damp patches on the chimney breast or degrading of your chimney liner and stove.


Chimney Caps

These are designed to cap off chimneys that are not being used. They prevent rain, birds, leaves, and vermin from entering the chimney stack. They still allow the chimney to remain ventilated so that damp doesn't penetrate the chimney and the buildup of noxious smells.

I am always happy to advise you on the correct type of cowl for your needs if you are experiencing any of these problems. 
* additional charges may be incurred if access problems require scaffolding etc.